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Bluegrass Grilled Chicken Sandwich
By Donny Bray, Warren County Pork Choppers
• Boneless Chicken Breasts
• BBQ rub
• Sweet Baby Ray's® BBQ Sauce
• Mozzarella Cheese
• Pre Cooked Bacon
• Mayo
• Pickle
• Sliced Onion
• Sandwich Buns

1. Apply your favorite BBQ dry rub to the boneless chicken breast. Grill chicken to 165 degrees internal temperature.

2. Coat grilled chicken on both sides with Sweet Baby Ray's® Barbeque Sauce. Grill breasts on low heat to set sauce, about 2 minutes. 

3. Turn chicken breasts over and add mozzarella cheese and precooked bacon strips on top. Allow cheese to melt (about 2 minutes). 

4. Bun up and top with mayo, pickle, and onion. ENJOY!!!

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